CDs will be signed and personalised by Marino upon request

Featuring members of
Canned Heat
Steely Dan
Quincy Jones Band
John Mayall’s Blues Breakers
and Musicians from the bands of
Eric Clapton
Stevie Wonder
Jeff Beck
Michael Jackson
Joe Cocker
Bob Dylan
George Michael
Bruce Springsteen
Winner of The Guitar Lounge Texas Radio award for Blues/Rock Album of the Year 2018
“Congratulations to one of the greatest Blues guitarists in the industry”
Falcon Eddy
The Guitar Lounge, Galveston, Texas, USA
Personalization on CD
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“Incredible guitarist”
Paul G. Merry
Author, America’s Gift: Evolution of the Blues
“Fantastic album!”
Harry Simpson
Still Got The Blues/Zetland 105 FM
“Brilliant Album”
Robbie West
The Rock Show, Beverley 107.8FM
“Guitar masterclass”
Darran Jubb
Hull Kingston Radio 107.4FM
“Guitar Magic”
Jo Gibert
Bite on Hollywood,Rock City News
“Heavenly guitarist”
Jeni Young
Top of the Blues radio show
“Exquisite guitar playing”
Steven Rosen
Rolling Stone/Guitar Player magazine
“It’s epic”
Chris Kirkham
The Blues Show/Academy FM 105.9
“Guitar Masterpiece”
Wanda Byrom
Vamped Up Music Show, Rock Rage Radio
“Guitar god”
Nick Boldock
Hull Music Vault/Hull Kingston Radio 107.4FM
“Guitar legend”
Alex Dunn
BeverleyFM 107.8
“Guitar Wizardry”
Simon Lambert
The Ballroom Blitz, ICR 105.7FM
“Musical Immortality”
Al Bowman
President, Los Angeles Music Awards
“Stunning guitarist”
Leon Economides
The Rockit Scientist: Rockfest, Mix 93.8FM
“Rock Royalty”
Sally Steele
VEGAS ROCKS magazine
Max Norman
Producer, Ozzy Osbourne/Bad Company
“Awesome guitarist”
Sheena Metal
LA Talk Radio
"Marino takes guitar playing to a new level"
David Hoover
President of the National Blues Radio Network USA

MARINO/Gypsy Soul